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D01 – The Story of Lace
D01 - The Story of Lace
D01 – The Story of Lace
    About Lesson

    Everything you need to understand right away. We explore a little so you can meet the women who invented these masterpieces and understand the context in which they were created. We rummaged so deep in the depths of the internet but also through fairs and museums, that we managed to find things that are not even in books.

    I will explain to you together with Alina, as I also learned, in stages. So:

    The Story of Lace is linked to the foamy waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and takes you through all of Europe, from the Greek islands to the Adriatic coast or the northern shores. Cherished and highly desired by aristocracy and common people alike, lace has ignited passions and marked destinies throughout centuries. Discover the world of lace with us, and you’ll surely want to be part of the tale!


    Special guests

    Arch. Ioana Corduneanu, an experienced designer, launched Semne Cusute in 2012 to present traditional shirts from a current perspective.

    Alina Panaite, an engineer disguised as a dreamy nomad, is passionate about needlework and has been sewing traditional shirts since 2015.