Starting from a blog, an archive with patterns (models, as we call them in Romanian – modele), Semne Cusute evolved into a community and a movement that too became a model for others.

Semne Cusute set an example about how the intangible heritage can be preserved and propagated in the 21st century.

Anticipating the basic ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, Semne Cusute started by translating the tradition, adapting the communication to social media and using the new available learning tools. As simple as that: these days you must exist of Google to exist for the large audience.

Building up a community was never so easy, when planning it with a solid foundation and 4 pillars of strong principles:

> set high standards

> cultivate the spirit of healthy competition

> provide constructive critic, un-conditionate support and free information for all

> celebrate error as an efficient method of learning

From age 14 to 74 (with a medium age of 35 – 40), with most various education and professional background, from the smallest hamlets in Carpathian Mountains to the biggest metropolis of the world, we are all connected by the same goal.

Our wish is equally personal and mutual: we want to make our own shirts and we want our shirts to be passed from mother to daughter and to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO).

The power of personal example functions and each member of our community advocated our beautiful cause to their co-workers, to friends and family.

Semne Cusute community generated, during these past few years, more than 40 regional and local satellites, not only in Romania but also abroad, in Romanian diaspora.

Aware that this method of revival might also be able to set up models in the future, we feel responsible for bringing our contribution, documenting, step by step, each shirt we create today. It’s our legacy and our chance to leave behind a treasure of information. Aware that we are changing the history of traditional textiles in Romania, we can say our generation did its duty well.

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