10 years ago you couldn’t find any information on google, if you wanted to learn about Romanian shirts or how to make one.

Now the problem is different: there is so much information and a beginner might get intimidated.

Why is that and how did they managed the knowledge in the past?

Well, the major difference consist that, in the past, each girl used to learn everything from her family and friends and it was all limited to the shirts from their community / village.

Today’s ambition is different, as we have a different motivation. We see the whole perspective and so we want to learn and experiment as many regions as possible.

Ideal is to learn how to read a shirt’s legend (a drawing) as all its requirements in terms of cutting patterns, composition and embroidery techniques are already indicated by the drawing ; yet they are not written down exactly.

So, for start, the first step is to select the model you like, be it from the blog, Face Book Page or other Album.

Post your “the one” in our Face Book community and ask advice.

Based on that model we can guide you further to the right cut, the possible adaptations you might need for your figure, the right materials and colors and the techniques.

Once you have the materials, you can follow the video tutorials, to practice until everything becomes familiar.

Another important aspect is constant communication: please ask advice BEFORE you’re about to take action, ask opinions if you’re insecure or can’t decide alone. Our arguments, based on experience, will help. It’s easier to prevent a mistake than to correct it.

Share YOUR personal experience: for sure it will help somebody else.

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