The body is to protect the soul. The shirt is to protect the body.

The house is the body of a family and a house too, is nicely dressed up with specific textiles and decorations. As long as it’s alive. Because when a family is broken, the body of this family, the house, will shatter.

Charming blue houses of Transylvania are better known thanks to a group of people dedicated to protect and restore them with love and expertise and a larger audience to read and share their story.

Not many know or care about their sisters, the blue houses found in the Romanian villages both sides of Nistru Valley; as Moldova and especially Transnistria are not popular (yet) in the travel vlogs. Even less people care about their crumbling walls.

Each house is witness of a family falling apart, witness of each member’s personal drama, witness to broken hearts, crippled confidence, abandon, insecurity, melancholy that will be perpetuated to future generations.

There is such a gap between happy blue and blues.

Blue houses reflect hope. Please have a look beyond hope. What it is and what it could be like, if we’d care more: it would be peace, harmony, tranquility and … sustainability.

Traditional blue houses are European Heritage. They are examples of wise architecture, specific to a place with strong blizzards and hot summers, a lesson for a different typology of living.

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