Together we are a voice.

What we stand for ?

We know who we are.

We know our values.

We are ready to stand for our values, against any temporary trend, against temptations of hyper consumerism.

We know that individually, our work means a few new items in our wardrobe but as a collective effort this means protecting our heritage, enlisted or not in the UNESCO.

We’ve learned it from the bees: to select the most beautiful patterns, work hard to gather the best, to share the effort of teaching others. And share the honey, our best off, in exhibitions all around the world.

In 21st century it’s the technology that offers us so many options to archive information, to share it, to keep a transparent process of learning, to stay connected.

If you’re asking how can tradition and latest technology get along, please remember technology is just a tool serving a purpose.

Technology is what we use to make our voice heard when we speak tradition.

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