Curiosity is the engine that took us so far. It was the constant: “what if?” that pushed us to question all the ‘do’s’ and don’t-s’, pushed us to try, to discover, in the end: to learn.

We encourage curiosity and personal experiments, often offering hints and not serving the right answer, which will limit the beginners to simple execution.

There are 2 types of mistakes we celebrate as useful for learning:

Mistakes that we might make while trying something new. They don’t scare us, they lead us, step by step to finding the right answer.

Mistakes that we might make by accident, unexpected. It’s great if we manage to transform them into opportunities to boost our creativity into finding a solution that will transform the mistake into something unique.

When you’ve been making mistakes you will have the right arguments when offering advice to others. You have that “because” and you have the reason, the total understanding. We’ve learned also that there are several ways of making the same thing to be and to look right. We’ve learned that we have new things to learn everyday, as the subject is way too vast to be mastered in a lifetime.

Mistakes are wonderful because they make us think and they make us talk. We don’t aim to achieve perfection, it feels so mundane. Our aim is to learn and to share what we’ve learned.

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