Many Romanian shirts are preserved, in whole or in textile fragments, in collections of National and International Museums. Due to their age, most are frail and displaying them daily would lead to further damage.

In order to make them visible to the large audiences, we created replicas, look-alike shirts that can be easily transported and displayed, to be admired. This way we could offer the best examples for those eager to learn, as each specimen, each old shirt is a valuable lesson, first of all.

We are honored to have partnerships with: The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant – Bucharest ; ASTRA Museum – Sibiu ; The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania – Cluj Napoca and we are always open to collaborate with local museums, with the purpose of bringing interesting and useful information closer to the general public.

After all, there is joy in making your shirt and adding it to your wardrobe but this joy multiplies thousands of time more when you display it in an exhibition, waking up so many emotions for the thousands of visitors.

You can visit our permanent, on-line exhibition on Google Foundation for Art and Culture:


Photo: Daniel Beres ; AIEVEA Exhibition – Tokyo, March 2019, Yamanashi Hemslojd

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