Because when we take our moments with the needle and the yarns, we become better and happier versions of ourselves.

Yes, there are plenty of studies and articles which highlight the benefits of handwork and crafts in general:

It’s about the art of living the moment that you rediscover while you learn embroidery. When you start stitching, you have to be 100% there, as the patterns require all your attention. It’s not like we do a certain ritual of purification but we have to put aside all the stress and worries, or it will pass, from our mind, through our fingers, into the embroidery, being visible in mistakes. Any inner tension you have it will translate into tensions of the threads.

Learning to control your mind can start from working on your shirt and it can extend further, to your whole day, after a while. As you can discipline your threads, you can also discipline your thoughts and get yourself better motivated and organized in anything you do.

An oasis of content will attract cats, friends, good vibes in general.

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