Teamwork and socializing are the keywords that define our online community. Each one of us is participating to this melting pot gathering collective experience.

Once you join us, you already get involved admiring what others did, rewarding them with “like” and “love” and “wow”. Then you start reading and asking for more information and so you start learning and you take your first steps, usually a mix of small failures and achievements that mean so much to you ; and you share it, as you need confirmation. You gather knowhow and hands-on experience and at some point you realize that you are actually teaching and inspiring others.

In the meanwhile you create connections and you become part of “us”.

You transform from an individual who wanted to create an object for personal use into a part of “us”. Our choices, our motivation and results are multiplied and not insignificant anymore.

Romanian Shirt was always about socializing, as it was all about expression. You write your story on your shirt knowing that there will be an educated public able to appreciate it. But all the process was secret, as your appearance was also meant to impress. Techniques, patterns, combinations – were kept in high secrecy.

Sharing all the stages of the process, with all the explanations is something totally new, a change of the 21st century.

Our on-line community is a safe environment, defined by placing the collective interest in front of the individual. Sharing is caring and we understood that only if we share and if we help others we will keep our tradition alive. And yes, there is enough room to impress others. You get you fair portion of respect and admiration, proportionate with the amount of support and guidance you offer.

Our Face Book community is based on public posts and you can get all the information you need even without a Face Book account:

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