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Visit our exhibition at the Palace of Parliament from October 2nd to the 15th: it is a  wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty and significance of Romanian traditional shirts and our cultural heritage. See you soon!

Sewn Signs, or "Semne Cusute," is a notable project initiated in 2012, by Ioana Corduneanu, revolving around the Romanian traditional shirt known as "cămașa cu altiță." The project has several key objectives and values:

  • Preservation of Heritage: Sewn Signs advocates for the recognition and preservation of the cultural heritage embodied in the traditional Romanian shirt. It highlights the intricate patterns and wisdom encoded in its design, showcasing it as a masterpiece of collective creativity.
  • Resistance to Fast Fashion and Consumerism: One of the project’s goals is to raise awareness against the fast fashion industry and excessive consumerism. It emphasises the value of slow, sustainable fashion and promotes the idea of making meaningful and long-lasting clothing.
  • Revival of At-Risk Textile Heritage: The project recognises that traditional textile heritage is at risk due to inadequate documentation and reliance on oral transmission. Sewn Signs aims to revive this heritage by educating and empowering people to become guardians of this fragile tradition.
  • Educational Initiatives: Through the project, individuals are educated about the sewn symbols, zero-waste cutting patterns, and the significance of every step involved in crafting the traditional shirt. This educational aspect is crucial in preserving the knowledge associated with this heritage.
  • Community Building: Sewn Signs has successfully built a strong community around its mission. It started as a blog-archive with patterns and tutorials and has grown to include more than 42,000 active members. It has also inspired the creation of over 50 satellite communities, both locally and internationally.
  • Inclusivity: The project is inclusive and targets audiences who may have little to no knowledge of traditional traditions or sewing. It breaks down barriers by presenting the ancestors who developed the style as designers driven by necessity, with great-grandmothers portrayed as fashion icons with their own ethical style.
  • UNESCO Intangible Heritage Listing: One of Sewn Signs’ primary goals is to have the Romanian traditional shirt recognised as UNESCO Intangible Heritage. This recognition would help safeguard and raise awareness about this cultural treasure.
  • Emphasis on Female-Led Heritage: Sewn Signs highlights the role of women in expressing themselves historically through textiles and symbols. It sheds light on the significance of these activities in the context of women’s history and heritage.
  • Sustainability and Slow Fashion: The project aligns with the principles of slow fashion, advocating for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. It encourages the use of traditional techniques and heritage to create a more sustainable and independent fashion culture in Europe.

In summary, Sewn Signs is a remarkable project that blends cultural preservation, sustainable fashion, community building, and education to promote and protect the heritage of the Romanian traditional shirt. Its goals align with broader movements towards sustainability and cultural recognition, making it a significant and impactful endeavour.