Proud winner of the 2022 Award for Education Training and Skills.

The Awards are recognised as Europe’s most prestigious honour in the heritage field.

As a result, the Awards bring local, national and European visibility and recognition to the winners. And not just to the award-winning projects themselves but also to their countries and local communities!


One of our primary goals has now been achieved. What’s next ?

The Romanian traditional shirt is recognised as UNESCO Intangible Heritage. This recognition would raise awareness and help safeguard this endangered cultural treasure.

However, the question arises: why is this beloved shirt in danger?

Ironically, the Romanian Blouse is threatened by its own success. It has been exploited for political propaganda for decades, over-marketed in recent years to answer huge demand, degenerating into cheap replicas produced abroad. It has been wrongly associated with intolerance and used to promote extremist views. This misuse has led to reluctance from the younger generation (aged 18-30) to distance themselves from it, making generational transmission a challenge.

It’s worth noting that passions like envy, greed, religious propaganda, nationalism, extremism, and hate-speech endanger the future of all crafts, including embroidery. Passion is constructive when tempered by method. It’s time to balance emotion with education.


Transmission of traditional crafts knowledge for a future-oriented heritage approach in Europe.


Our current European context could have been the paradise for all sort of crafts.

Yet they all face many challenges and suffer in decline.

But we are committed to celebrate them. Being part of this project, along with all our European partners, we see amazing opportunities.

We’ll be exploring other cultures and various other textile crafts, like lace-making. By weaving together ancient and modern technologies, we’ll cover the gap of prejudice between tradition and innovation. We’ll

make sure that valuable skills and practices remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

So we roll up our sleeves yet again. We aim to share our expertise in an innovative manner. Our deliverables in this project are for your benefit: THE NEEDLEWORK CHRONICLES.

And we’re writing new chapters right now.

Photo: Mihaela Conțiu

Sewn Signs, or "Semne Cusute," is a notable project initiated in 2012, by Ioana Corduneanu

Revolving around the Romanian traditional shirt known as "cămașa cu altiță."

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