Our Exhibits are more than a mere display of embroidered shirts.

We dream high and we relay on partnerships with museums and on your enthusiasm.

IA Aidoma

Romanian shirts hosted by important museums of the world became visible to everyone, via replicas we created, i.e. look-alike shirts that can be easily transported and displayed. We offered the best reference for those eager to learn, as each old shirt is, first of all, a valuable lesson.

IA Aievea

Patterns from textile fragments older than 100 years challenged us to study and research the cuts and embroidery of shirts from the end of the 19th century, before all Romanian provinces were united. People could see what was traditional to our great grandmothers, and reflect on the evolution of our shirts.

Meet the Muse

A flashmob at Centre Pompidou, in Paris, has successfully reminded us that we are part of Europe’s culture. What we do is art and furthermore inspire artists and fashion designers.


Gabriela Ene’s dream to recreate shirts from the famous Album of Elise Bratianu shows that glam dresses are in fashion now more than ever. We strive for excellence despite old or new adversities, as new elites emerge.


To us, embroidery is more than just relaxation and fun; we embroider with meaning and focus. The impact of fast-fashion, intensive agriculture and climate endanger bees and biodiversity. Slow fashion is the answer, as the diversity of our shirts is endangered, too.


We meet regularly, in cosy places, to spend quality time together while enjoying mastering our craft. New members are welcome, senior members are highly regarded.

Sewn Signs, or "Semne Cusute," is a notable project initiated in 2012, by Ioana Corduneanu

Revolving around the Romanian traditional shirt known as "cămașa cu altiță."

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